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  • Central databases: Oracle
  • Local databases: Oracle
  • Sync files together with DB data
  • Sync based on network characteristics
  • End users: Water industry



  • Bi-directional sync between sqlite databases running on android with a mysql database server running on Amazon EC2
  • Cloud computing
  • Education and research




  • Central databases: MySQL
  • Local databases: Android SQLite
  • Hundreds of clients
  • Electric power industry




Undisclosed Company Name

  • Sync SQLite on Android with Microsoft SQL server on PC
  • Data sub-setting with time constraints

Czech Republic

  • Synchronizing local MySQL databases on laptop computers with a central MySQL database
  • Food industry

For more information, see Enabling Offline Access to Web App for Mobile Marketing Managers.



  • Synchronizing local MySQL databases with a central Oracle database
  • Wholesale distribution industry



  • Synchronizing local Oracle XE databases with a central Oracle database server
  • Hundreds of clients
  • End user: SymphonyIRI Group
  • More than 95 percent of Fortune 100 CPG and retail companies turn to SymphonyIRI Group to accelerate innovation and growth
  • Provider of innovative solutions and services






  • Synchronizing Android SQLite with a central MySQL database server
  • Creative Chaos delivers its services to a global clientele in over 40 countries
  • Information technology industry



Tecom Group Inc.

  • Synchronizing SQLite databases with central MySQL database servers
  • Cloud application that consists of two parts: server and mobile part
  • Broadcasting and telecommunications industry

South Korea


Undisclosed Company Name
  • AWS server using PostgreSQL
  • Android SQLite clients
  • Wind turbine industry
For more information, see Pervasync is a cost effective solution.

United Kingdom

  • MySQL databases
  • Local databases on vessels
  • Oil & gas industry

United Kingdom



  • Synchronizing distributed MySQL databases with a central MySQL database server
  • Resilient over poor/intermittent connections, even if remote server is dial-up speed.
  • Offshore helicopter industry

United States

  • Synchronizing geographically distributed local office MySQL databases with a central MySQL databases hosted in the cloud
  • Pervasync client and server running on MS Windows OS
  • BLOB data synced
  • Multi-Gig bytes of data synced in one sync session 
  • Metal industry
For more information, see Searching for a True Master-Master MySQL Synchronization Solution.


United States


  • MySQL databases
  • Hundreds of clients
  • Ansell employs over 10,000 employees in 29 facilities, and has a presence in 33 countries across the globe
  • Healthcare industry
For more information, see Replacing Custom Sync Component for Hundreds of Clients In Less Than One Week.


United States


  • Synchronizing SQLite databases with a central MySQL database server
  • Thousands of Android clients
  • Headquartered in New York, USA, currently operational in Afghanistan, Kuwait & South Africa and will soon be made available in other countries
  • Mobile payments industry

United States


  • MySQL with MySQL
  • Pervasync client and server running on Linux OS
  • A SAAS service provider adding on-premise servers to provide un-interrupted services
  • Healthcare industry
For more information, see Synchronizing SaaS Based Application's Web DB with Local DB in Hospitals.


United States


  • Synchronizing MySQL databases (on client side) with multiple database servers (MySQL database and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • A leading manufacturer of video management system software and servers
  • Part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company
  • Video security industry

United States

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

  • Synchronizing local Oracle XE databases with a central Oracle database server
  • Hundreds of clients
  • U.S. government

United States
  • Targeting the millions of clinics and health care centers in rural setting around the globe
  • Synchronizing the medical data between rural clinics and central servers
  • Healthcare industry
United States


  • Synchronizing distributed Android SQLite databases and Microsoft SQL Server databases with a central Microsoft SQL Server
  • Cloud computing
  • Insurance industry
United States


  • Enabling offline data access when yachts go beyond network coverage
  • Seamlessly embedding Pervasync client into customer's own app
  • Yachting industry

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